7 Types Of Explainer Videos

To deliver the content effectively to your target audience. An explainer video can be used. Videos can be a source of entertainment and information at the same time. The importance of videos can be understood by the fact that it is estimated that 82 percent of the internet traffic will be consumed by videos until 2022. Although there are many videos, nut explainer videos have proved to be very advantageous when it comes to spreading information. All the big and small businesses can utilize it for effective marketing. There are many types of explainer videos, so let’s have a look at some of them.

  • 2D character animation
  • 2D infographics animation
  • 2.5D animation
  • Whiteboard animation
  • Live-action explainer  
  • Screencast explainer video
  • Kinetic typology explainer

2D character animation

This type of video uses the 2D environment and makes all the characters, storyboards, and objects. It is very affordable and can be produced at a very low cost. The story or the use of the product can be conveyed easily which will leave a positive impact on the mind of the target audience.

2D infographics animation

It is slightly different from 2D videos in the way that it offers visual effects in images and texts. It is useful for those products that need explanation and belongs to complex ideas. It offers motion graphics that, that the audience admires as it makes it more colorful and easier.

2.5D animation

3D animation is widely preferred as it brings a human touch but they, may cost higher. 2.5D animation can be used in place of 3D animations. It is a kind of a merger of 2d AND 3d objects on a single platform.

Whiteboard animation

This is the most famous form of explainer video that delivers the message effectively. It uses a drawing hand to explain the concept and a series of events unfold step by step a video progress. The audience has the curiosity to watch what will happen next.

Live-action explainer  

Live videos are very easy to record and they require3 no practice. They include original people who are doing a task or explaining about a product. The audience tries to connect more with the people who are going live. 

Screencast explainer video

Screencast, as the name suggests records the tasks being performed on the screen. It could be of a product that has to be explained or a service that could be availed. If a person wants to keep their privacy, they can use this type of video. It is preferred by many businesses as it is very cheap, only a simple software could be used to get the job done.

Kinetic Typology Explainer

This type of video is great for the promotion of products in a very interesting manner. Words can have an impact on the mind of readers for a lifetime.  The font and style of the content are chosen wisely so that it attracts the users. By making the content visually attractive, you can appeal to more customers.


This type of videos is used effectively to pass information that