How I Started Blogging With Zero Experience

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Blogging: Learn From My First Challenges

My challenges were immeasurable in the beginning. So may be yours, but let this story inspire you to go for your work-from-wherever lifestyle.

learn to measure failure less, and focus on the little successes.

I had no idea what I was doing, but I discovered a path that kept leading me higher. Both in skillset and in revenue.

Do you want to know what I was up against?

  1. Zero base experience (“What’s a link?”)
  2. Doubt in myself (“I’m never going to succeed at this”)
  3. Hate from friends etc. (“Get a real job like everyone else”)
  4. Steep learning curves (“What am I even looking at?”)
  5. Shiny object syndrome (“Oh look, another option”)
  6. Procrastination (I cannot do this anymore”)
  7. Negative thoughts (“You’re no good at this”)

These are thoughts that cross our minds, as we cross from one plain to another. It’s scary at first, but it gets easier to overcome obstacles, as you gain experience, and learn.

If a kid from the boonies who never owned a laptop can do it, I’m sure you can do it, because the world has advanced 50x since I began. Technology loves speed. And money loves speed.

learn to adapt in a fast world.

So be fast. And be accurate.

Which challenges are you experiencing? Have your friends told you to stop this silly dream of yours? Let me tell you, it’s not a dream.

Its a decision. You make it when the white noise of life turns off for a moment, and you feel absolute clarity.

learning a new skillset requires a new skillset. learn to quit your job by becoming a freelancer

“I’m going to do it, and not stop”

So let me ask you, have you made the decision to make this dream a reality despite what friends and family say about it?

  1. “Why can’t you just go to university and become a doctor? It only takes 8 years of study!”
  2. “You should be more like your sister, who has a real education”

It’s the first step in transformation, from a 9-5 slave…

learn to leave the boss behind.

…to a self made freelancer who decides who he works with…for how long, and for how much. It depends on how much you learn.

Which means you can turn these off for good...

learn the fastest way to turning that alarm clock off for good.

Did someone tell you to “be realistic?”

Did they tell you to think more about it, because they had a friend who failed at it?

What if your decision to become a Blogger began today? This is for people who are willing to risk the comfortable financial reliability of the workforce, to unlock more life options. and did I mention time becomes a resource that you decide how to allocate.

It’s your turn to monetize your Blog.

Hit them with “I told you so” and watch them go from calling you a marketing scam artist, to inviting you for dinner at the highest prestige restaurant in Vancouver…

My first consultation meeting. Zero experience. And a satisfied client

…to learn how you do it now.

That’s just my story. What will yours be?

Blogging: Learn To Adapt

Learning how to stand out in a sea of mediocrity is hard. It’s made easy by reading the stories of others, and applying their strategy to your life.

Let’s flatten the curve, and talk about focusing. Here’s some questions to ask yourself while learning areas of Blogging:

  1. “Does learning this benefit my overall goal?”
  2. “How can I learn this faster?”
  3. “What do I need to learn first, to Move forward faster?”
  4. “Who is the authority on the subject?”
  5. “Which tools can speed up my understanding?”

Sometimes we immerse ourselves in the deep ocean of knowledge that is the internet, and we get overwhelmed. Right?

I need a break…

So when selecting areas of study, make sure to think a few moves in advance. Will this support your “big idea?”

Learning can be slow. So why not use methods of enhancing learning capacity? I would take a pen and hand copy proven ads.

All while listening to great copywriters speak on the subject, using Youtube. It has a way of re-programming your mind. And dont be afraid to be this person at your local library, always ready to learn more.

What to learn first is a huge topic. Here’s an example. Learn how to fuel up your vehicle and complete a safety check, before learning how to drift around corners, right?

It’s all about learning the foundation first.

The foundation should be:

  1. Which software to use, and how to use it.
  2. Knowing your target audience, before writing.
  3. Collecting resources to learn more.

You’ll feel relief as you get the foundations out of the way. And ask yourself those questions, to filter out any waste-of-time activity.

Blogs: Should I Give Up?

“Is this even possible?”

You have so many ideas…one has to work right? One of them has to give you the power to monetize your Blog…

They say that 2 million Blogs are published every day. My opinion on that stat? It’s just a chance to look better, and more detailed than 2 million people.

How’s that for being different? My mentor said it was better to be different than to be better, and he’s worth 500 million. Would you take his word for it?

The point is, that different is more powerful, because it shows Google that it’s more than a carbon copy of everything else. Be different, and don’t be afraid to bend the rules where you ethically can.

There will be that lingering question in your mind, asking you if you’re confident enough to be different. You may doubt the answer the slowly comes to mind, which is alright because you dont need confidence. You need research and practice, to bring confidence.

My opinion? $500 million is a high net worth, I’m going to listen to that guy.

Because if you decide to copy another writers style, you will become what?

A carbon copy…

Which is? Unacceptable. Learn to be different.

So please, know it’s ok to write differently. Why?

Because writing is similar to speaking. Which may sound strange because not all writing is made to feel conversational, as it should.

Blogging: You’re Making Progress

People are noticing…

They’re sending it to their friends…

They think it’s great, they want you to come over for dinner and tell them about it…

They think you are exceptional because you can do what? Communicate effectively.

They have questions and ironically enough, concerns about how you are making it all work without a “real job” as they all like to call it.

What makes it real? It’s a real pain in the butt? It’s a real fact that day-jobs rob 75% people’s waking hours? Or it’s real because it’s all they know, all they understand…

Anyway, people may ask you this often, when you become a successful Blogger.

So what exactly do you do? And how did you just quit your job?”

I told them I was tired of working harder each year with maybe a 2% raise each year. There was more value inside. I could teach myself the ropes. It was time to stop deciphering building blueprints for the rest of my days, as the youngest project manager my employer had seen in Vancouver.

Anyway, you’ll know that you’re making an impression when comments begin to flood your blogs. When readers leave long, thought-out messages about how your article helped them.

It might feel as if you have developed a connection with your readers. Make sure to not leave them hanging, because their attention is always holding on my a thread.

Dont take it for granted. Once you do that, you’ve lost what it means to have their eyes on you.

They wont listen forever. They need engagement.

Blogging Is Profitable After All

When I hit 10,000 daily readers, things changed. Once I got to a place I thought I would never be, I started experiencing deals that were part of my dreams

I was getting more collaboration, and higher-paying deals….without asking for them, because I was getting really good at creating a strong brand perception.

People began calling me the Authority, because I was helping so many people understand the pillars of communication.

By this time I had a clearer understanding of what my Digital marketing audience needed. They needed complex information broken down into bite size pieces.

And they wanted it explained in a way that homer Simpson could understand. However dont make it too simple or readers wont get the quality explanations they are looking for, so make sure to not lose their interest that way.

Because lets face it…

When you decide to learn something, the last thing you want to find is a tutorial that is written in what I call “multiple barrier communication” style. What do I mean?

Offer your readers a solution that comes from years of experience, and deliver it smoothly. This is how you’ll grow a following a monetize your Blog sooner than you expected.

I’ll give you an example, because this horrible website is still in my mind. The other day I Googled “How to repair x part” because something of mine broke down and I needed a tutorial.

The meta description claimed directions would be easy and available for free. Click.

I was lost, I couldn’t read past the first 13 line paragraph. No sale, because I immediately felt out of place reading all of the content, which seemed to be in a contest with itself for each sentence to out-Shakespearean the next. Once you develop an air of pompousness in your writing, prepare for the consequence of less attention.

There were 3 words in the first sentence that I needed my dictionary for…

Nobody wants to do that, because these days that means going onto another page and trying to find definitions for words while you just wanted a nice, bolded text to answer your question immediately.

How can you monetize your Blog if readers cant even get past the first paragraph?

I had to find a new page. One that wouldn’t offend my eyes. Don’t try to sound ” intelligent beyond all imagination”. Once you come across as only informational, and not also entertaining, your readers will become bored and find another writer who can do both.

Get to 10,000 daily readers by communicating a complex message in a simple manner to anyone who reads it. The other day I explained how a combustion engine works, to a five year old, and he asked me questions about shifting gears…

This wouldn’t have happened if I said this…

An internal combustion engine (ICE) is a heat engine in which the combustion of a fuel occurs with an oxidizer (usually air) in a combustion chamber that is an integral part of the working fluid flow circuit. In an internal combustion engine, the expansion of the high-temperature and high-pressure gases produced by combustion applies direct force to some component of the engine. The force is applied typically to pistons, turbine blades, rotor or a nozzle. This force moves the component over a distance, transforming chemical energy into useful work

You didn’t read all that did you? I didn’t.

Because you dont get tens of thousands of readers by making things difficult. Simple.

So if you need to even more complex info delivered quickly…

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