You Published It. Now Supercharge It’s Visibility

Your Blog is almost ready to publish to social media, you’ve proof-read it yourself. There seems to be no errors. You practiced good SEO. And you want to hit publish

After you get your post published, on social media or your blog, there are steps to follow after you post it for continued success.

You think about all the views it gunna get…it’s exiting.

Do you want to add anything? Pictures? Videos? Nah, you did a good job already…


And what comes next? You’re not going to proof read it again are you?

Before your content gets published, you would be wise to use a spell checking software to catch any pesky mistakes. Even if it's just for social media

Please dont. You have Grammarly for that.

If you recently started a blog and it isn’t getting any traction, you may be doing things that are preventing progress…

You’ll need to pay attention to the refinement of your posts, and make sure you get noticed, because for the last 2 years, it’s been more challenging.

Moving too fast is a rookie mistake. But rapid growth is still possible. You’ll see.

You can’t spend all your time writing new posts and then neglect those posts once they’re published, or else you’ll just have a big collection of Blogs online…

We’re going through the process of avoiding all that…

published content doesn't mean quality content. Make sure to make posts better over time, on social media or elsewhere.

I heard a famous Blogger say that you should spend 5x the amount of time promoting your content that you do creating it.

when it comes to social media, there's work involved. You need to spend  more time getting your content read.

Is it really necessary? I’d say it could even be considered an understatement. Competition is fierce.

This post will tell you 8 ways to be seen more after you hit publish.

Have you put some time aside to learn? Good.

The 8 Multipliers

  1. Send That Email
  2. Social Media Blasts
  3. Find A Supportive Influencer
  4. Acquire Powerful Backlinks
  5. Perform a 10-Minute Internal Link Audit
  6. Answer the Burning Questions on Quora
  7. Turn Your Post into a Facebook Ad
  8. Dig Deep Into the Data

1. Send That Email

Social media is a great way to communicate with your audience, but if you want to skip the noise, send an email out as a reminder, update, or story.

You know what’s not common in emails? Video. That’s just a random fact, but even if you just sending a professional email with still graphics, it’ll go a long way when you do it right.

Now this doesn’t need to be in any particular order, because you decide how you market your content. But we’re on the subject now, so let’s go over what could go into that kind of email.

You could hook them with the immediate benefit of what they gain from reading the post.

Is there anything of value inside?

Your offers on social media need to have value. And the same can be said about your emails.

If you had a post related to starting a blog, your headline could be “14 ways to be a better blogger today”

If you made a post related to SEO, you could tell a story of your top client, who has told his story of success through your SEO training. Or place it on your social media.

Facts tell, stories sell. Use social media to tell stories to inspire others.

And after you tell that story, you could ask the them if they want to enroll in the free SEO training that is taking place for only 10 people. First come first serve.

Basically, you need to get traffic flowing to you as much as possible. So put together a friendly email that shows them the benefit, and gives them something in return.

Everyone loves free stuff right?

give free gifts away. Great gift ideas for email or social media include digital downloads.

And if you’re clever, you’ll include a little sneak peek.

use social media to tease the offer. But give them a sneak peek.

Some interesting section of your article. Perhaps somewhere in the middle. Why? Because curiosity is strong, and if they read your entire post to find it….that’s great for engagement.

Try to ask them some questions in the email, spark their interest with a new thing to introduce to them.

Just get them to take the next action.

Give your audience clear direction, in how to proceed once they learn what you have shown them.

2. Social Media Blasts

“Posts that don’t go away so easily, it’s hard to make them disappear”

Even the average Blogger will tell you that posting consistency is necessary. But what they might now know is that some posts can be used many times. Not recycled, but re-vamped and re-distributed.

The reason for this is simple. Consider asking yourself which posts are worth worth adding extra value to.

For example, if you have a post that brings a lot of engagement, like a contest or question post…consider making it more fun or more valuable.

This is also a good way to make sure your audience gets what they want. So, don’t underestimate their opinions or choices.

So make sure to post a garden post. Let it grow out of control, and then plant more seeds.

Social media causes viral posts every day. If you plant the seeds of curiosity now, you could grow quite a following.

Make sure to water if often. What do I mean? I mean that you need to re-visit these top posts and make sure they keep getting better, let people know they still exist.

There are plenty of autopilot softwares to take care of this this one is only $49.

Social media campaigns can be automated to allow your garden posts to keep popping up over time.

But make sure to do a little better than just re-posting. Maybe just include the headline in your next post.

Or did you have a famous influencer comment on your post? Share the influencers comment to get increased exposure.

Or if your a fan of images and infographics, make sure to re-share the info. People like to be informed.

3. Find A Social Media Influencer

Have you heard of Upfluence?

Upfluence a cool platform that lets you find the top influencers in your niche. You can search keywords to find the right people. What kind of people do you need to find? Good ones are cool, and very popular

you may follow some influencers who post something like this.

Influencers post pictures like this on social media

Imagine for a moment, how powerful this is. Influencers do a lot of work to be as popular as they are. Now what if they vouched for you? That would be like making an appearance on the news.

So if you can find the right person, it can be our missing piece.

Social media offers a missing piece to marketing

Do you want another way to find high quality influencers? Check out BuzzSumo. But keep in mind, this one is to find top performing posts. So it could be a place to find any additional supporting information as well.

The coolest part? You have access to data that gets you in front of the best examples of content that sells, and converts. Is that worth the $99 they charge per month? If you want modern tools, you’d say yes.

watch your social media stats to improve

And the data pile is nothing short of amazing. Did you know that it will show you which influencers work hard to share your stuff? Oh yeah, so you can see right away if the person of interest makes an effort on your behalf.

That’s handy.

You can claim their 30 day, risk free trial right today. It’s seriously a zero obligation deal. Why not take it?

Anyways, once you have compiled a list of a dozen people, reach out to them with a message. You should only do this if you believe you can add value to them and their audience. It’s showtime.

what your social media audience wants in important.

Show them why they should pay attention.

Here’s 3 ways to make influencers want to work with your brand

If you know what you’re doing, you can promote your brand for free. But it is a more advanced skill among marketers.

Bonus: Another influencer finder for you.

4. Acquire Powerful Backlinks

Why do powerful backlinks have a place in your strategy?

your strategy on social media is vital.

Why would marketers worldwide agree that it is the backbone of a high ranking? Because you can take control of your ranking by monitoring your SEO.

your strategy on social media is vital.

So the same here. The higher the quality of sources that share your content, the higher your perceived value by the viewer.

So to get backlinks faster, you’ll want to look in the right places and have exceptional tools to help know what to choose. If it’s an influencer, you know where to look.

So this is how you can prove you have quality by association to others.

Say you want to link to SmartBlogger, you would need to think a little bigger to get John morrow’s attention.

Let’s give extra thought to this

As long as you have provided as much value as possible within the post, you should be able to close them on the idea of collaborating.

partnerships on social media happen every day
Success begins with an agreement

Not every single one will be successful, but upgrade your work and try again somewhere else. It’s ok.

Here’s an example. If you want to link to other Digital Marketing Blogs, you can search for a list of the top 10. However you may have ideas that lie outside of a top 10 list…

The best route? Polish up everything on your website, and social media. When you do this, you are positioning yourself to stand above the rest.

create a nice visual

Clean up anything that may be unnecessary. Have a beautiful presentation for them to look at. Because they will look at it, and judge it to see if it is what they want to be connected with.

And make sure to position yourself as an authority on the subject. But most of all, add value to the influencer by offering to broaden their coverage with similar content.

If you think that your content can truly benefit the influencers audience, it’s almost your moral obligation to collaborate…right?

Not everyone will say yes, but keep searching through social media.

Getting a yes on social media is good in terms of engagement
Yes opens all doors

5. What Do Your Links Say?

It’s important to re-visit your content, and more specifically…your links.

Where do they lead anyway?

It’s good to link your blog to other blogs.


When you have a strong internal-linking game…

SEO look at you differently, no not like that. Rather Google has an easier time understanding where you belong.

Do you deserve being at the top? That depends on how relevant you make yourself.

So do a deep dive of all the content you are outsourcing, and see if it solves enough questions related to your niche.

6. Quora Has Questions. You Have Answers.

Can I show you 3 of the top questions on Quora? Ok, cool.

I’m not saying you need to know about surreal places. But search the site for some keywords, firstly.

I chose publishing, because it’s I’m thinking about what your going to do after you hit publish today. Whether on social media or your blog.

As you can see, it’s as simple as a google search and a keyword. So happy hunting, for popular unanswered questions. But of course the chances are that somebody has submitted something.

Just answer it better. It’s like Blogging. Write something better, more-in depth. And my personal specialty, making complex topics easy enough for even homer Simpson to understand.

Ok lets do a random question right now, because then it’s more engaging. And random?

I’d go with the 3rd question: “What is the best way to increase traffic through social media?”

Besides monitoring top engagement and using quality search tools?

If you want me to answer that in another Blog post, please leave a comment to let me know.

So what kind of answers am I talking about. Real one of course. However, it’s about the depth of information you offer your audience. Make sure to anticipate other questions or objections and have them answered already.

Here’s the bottom line, Quora uses a pure voting system to rank your answers. So it’s similar to Google…just more organic.

7. What Do These Social Media Graphs And Charts Mean?

If you’re reading this, you may be someone who is a little unsure of terms like Algorithms or Correlation. If that’s true, you may benefit from knowing their definitions In addition, there are many infographics and other visuals to assist in data comprehension.

Make sure not to overlook this critical information. Because if you know what you’re looking for, you know what to do when that “check engine light comes on”

If your new to data, check out Google Analytics. If your a more advanced corporation, check out Moz.

Because if your not gaining consistent traffic, it could mean that only 3 out of 4 wheels are running smoothly so to speak.

But what does data tell you? Depp data tells you the length of view time a post gets. It will tell you which pages convert the best. So you can make better decisions, with higher accuracy.

For example, if you have lots of direct but no social traffic, that could mean that you’re doing a great job with your teaser email, but it underperformed in the social arena.

You need to be aware of all areas of growth, because them you can double-down on them.