The Top 8 Elementor Themes

The Top 8 Elementor Themes For 2021

Are you looking to stand out? Here’s the truth…there’s a lot of Elementor themes…

You don’t want to look through 50k+ themes…

And make a decision…

Nobody got time for that….

The fact that you’re here, means you want the top choices presented to you. Am I right? And between the opinions of 3 million people, I think you’re safe here.

It’s it’s a fact that some themes are going to look, and operate on higher levels that others. You want to be on a high level right? This list will show you what is compatible with WordPress. If you dont have WordPress, I believe we have a Blog about installation and use.


You’re here for helpful features right? Right. Let’s get into the top Elementor themes.

You’re going to have deep, multi level page control, which allows you to have a far superior experience overall. Cool right?

Get the tools to create the perfect canvas, and now it’s time for us to dive headfirst into the top 8 Elementor themes.

8 Supercharged Elementor Themes

Hello Elementor….Astra….GeneratePress….OceanWP

Neve….Sydney….Rife….Page Builder Framework

Hello – Elementor

Click the image to download it. But wait, I’ll show you what happens next…

examples of elementor themes. Here is Hello Elementor theme.

But of course check it out for yourself, I would do that if I were you. However, if you’re trying to save some time, just trust I do the research. Is that fair? Cool.

When you click the link above, you will have the option to preview or install. That’s up to you.

examples of elementor themes. Here is Hello Elementor theme.

Check out that 5 star column. Anyway I want to give you an easy to understand overview. And rest assured, it’s a more condensed and organized collection of information.

My Thoughts On This Elementor Theme…

It’s square one. Right from the beginning you make all the detailed decisions, having complete control over every aspect of the design and structure.

In other words, if you have a great idea, and you don’t need any training wheels…get this one now. But wait…hold on…because I’m not done telling you all about this Elementor themes…

The reason I’m recommending this one first, is because speed is very important and that’s why I have chosen to show you the fastest WordPress theme ever created

examples of elementor themes. Here is Hello Elementor theme.

When you get deeper into the customizable design, you’ll create stuff far better than this above. Need free pics to use?

What others think…

I’ve wasted a lot of time and money by using the wrong themes, I now feel comfortable using this theme all the time. What a lifesaver!

“I can stop looking for other themes, now that I can get the Hello theme. In fact, I’m adamant on keeping this theme for all of my Elementor website creation”

“For someone who doesn’t like navigating loads of settings and complicated tasks…I find that this theme solves all of that for me”

Overall, it has a friendly easy-to-navigate system. And like I said before, speed is important…which is why Hello is as lightweight as they come.

Astra – Elementor

Here’s the bad news. I’m giving you a very hard choice here. Do you want to know? I’m making you choose between the fastest (Hello) and the most popular…and people say it’s really fast…

What are you going to do? Which Elementor themes will you choose?

examples of elementor themes. Here is astra Elementor theme.

I knew I couldn’t be alone when I said I loved Astra for it’s slick, fast, and beautiful setup. No way…

examples of elementor themes. Here is astra Elementor theme.

Apparently… 1,253,898+ Websites Trust Astra. Ok I feel better. Do you?

My thoughts on this Elementor theme

It is a pairing made in software genius land…Thank you to the team who made it…

But why?

Multi-level page controls…as per usual. And it’s also in the lightweight class of themes. But why? Do you want to use Astra compatible apps to launch an online store or maybe even…your own digital course?


off topic…what’s your favorite restaurant? Well I imagine as nice as it is….it may still have a few lower than 5 star ratings…

But have you heard of a product or service maintaining a perfect 5 star rating all thus time? That’s Astra.

That’s why it’s the most popular…because it’s the most popular? I don’t judge…


If all this is not enough, get the add on in the premium section. But without paying anything at all, let’s stand back and appreciate all the features is brings you.

  1. Under 50 KB which makes it still quite lightweight
  2. WooCommerce support for eCommerce
  3. Native AMP support
  4. SEO friendly (aka Google friendly)
  5. Integrations with the LifterLMS and LearnDash LMS plugins for online courses
  6. 80+ importable demo sites built with Elementor
  7. Detailed options to control page layout, typography, and styles in the WordPress Customizer
  8. Page-level controls to disable headings, use full-width templates, customize your homepage, and more

What others think…

“Astra is simple, I love it!”

“I wholeheartedly recommend this theme to everyone”

“I can create a website easily with a few clicks”

So as you can see, it’s hard to be confused now…


So many lightweights around here….and there’s another 1. speaking of numbers, 3 million people use this too…So these Elementor themes are worth paying attention to.

examples of elementor themes. Here is generatepress Elementor theme.

My thoughts on this Elementor theme

It’s crucial to have tools as powerful as Generate press…

You see, you need multipurpose flexibility, so this theme brings that to the table. Plus it’s heavily optimized for fast, efficient use. And that goes for your visitors as well. If you value performance, and the power to create any website, well…

It’s obvious, check this out…

  1. Importable demo sites built with Elementor (only available with the premium add-on)
  2. WooCommerce support for eCommerce
  3. Lots of hooks to insert content or Elementor templates anywhere on your site (including your homepage)
  4. Page-level controls to disable headings, change widths, etc.
  5. Less than 30 KB which is about as small as possible for an Elementor theme (I’ve tested it!)
  6. Detailed customization options in the live customizer

What others think…

“GeneratePress has become a crucial part of our technology stack. And I know hundreds of our WP Elevation members love it too” – Troy Dean, Founder of WP Elevation

“GeneratePress has truly been a complete transformation of the way I develop and design my WordPress sites. From ecommerce to blogs, it’s one theme to rule them all” – Brian lee jackson – Co-founder of Forgemediallc.

At Liquid Web we tested over 50 themes for WooCommerce – looking at both performance and price. Astra and Astra Pro cleanly beat the competition. It’s why we recommend it to all our WooCommerce customers” – Chris Lema,VP – Liquid Web

These are some really important people, putting their trust in this software. Maybe you could too…


examples of elementor themes. Here is OceanWP Elementor theme.

My thoughts on this Elementor theme…

I love incredibly flexible themes that comes with a dizzying array of style and customization options. Do you? But keep in mind this one fact…although this theme is powerful…

examples of elementor themes. Here is generatepress Elementor theme.
examples of elementor themes. Here is generatepress Elementor theme.

When I boast flexibility, you must know that with that comes a slightly slower load speed. But I’ll redeem this theme in a moment, check this out…

  1. Detailed WooCommerce support (though many features require the premium version)
  2. Includes a bunch of new Elementor widgets with the premium version
  3. Search engine friendly (aka Google friendly)
  4. Importable demo sites built with Elementor (in the premium version)
  5. A huge number of style and page layout options in the WordPress Customizer
  6. Page-level controls to create the perfect Elementor canvas

My thoughts on this Elementor theme…

I’ve spent the cash already on other themes, and I realized how powerful and fully encompassing this theme was. Overwhelmed at first, by all the features I’ll admit…

If you value style and options, choose this powerhouse. It’s known for going the extra 10 miles…Some Elementor themes only g0 110%

I’ll give you a number to base this off of…ok?

OceanWP has a power/capacity level of 250…

Astra has a power/capacity level of 50

Now make no mistake…there’s numbers are not all you use to choose. The reason being, because you pick the theme for the desired purpose and use.


What’s not to love?

That’s handy…

But wait there’s more for you…

You know that making money requires payment ready systems in place…so use them today.

My thoughts on this Elementor theme…

I have to say it’s quite a theme to be lightweight…

There’s also a premium add-on that gives you more control over your header, footer, and WooCommerce store. Check this out while your here…

  1. Under 30 KB in size, which, again, is about as small as it gets for a customizable Elementor WordPress theme
  2. Page-level settings to control the canvas for your Elementor designs
  3. Super flexible header builder (in the premium version)
  4. WooCommerce compatibility
  5. 80+ importable demo sites, many of which are built with Elementor

What others think…

“When this theme met all my needs for speed and functionality, I stooped looking to upgrade!”

“For me, the biggest seller was the fact that I learned how to use it by myself. All while not being tech savvy”

“If it wasn’t for this theme, I would’ve wasted a lot of dough!”

How do you feel knowing, that ultimately….you have so many powerful options at your fingertips. On to the next great choice…if you want to know…


My thoughts on this Elementor theme…

It’s the #1 FREE business theme. What more could I say about it? And if you’re starting a business, it’s good to know Digital Marketing

Whereas many of the other Elementor themes on this list are multipurpose offerings that you can adapt to any niche, Sydney is specifically focused on helping small businesses and freelancers create an online presence. Check this out!

  • Focused on business websites
  • Detailed theme options in the WordPress Customizer
  • Responsive design
  • Includes custom Elementor blocks to help you control your design
  • Parallax background scrolling
  • Social media icons

What others think…

“Now this….caught my attention from day one. It’s stunning, actually it’s beautiful. My high functioning theme for the win”

“It’s been a decade since I’ve touched any code, and I was relived to see how this theme made it possible to start from zero again”

Sydney is a great option if you want to build a business website with WordPress and Elementor. It’s not multipurpose like the other Elementor themes, but if you are looking to build a business website, that specificity can actually work in your favor”

People just like you are raving about it.


This theme holds true through the test of time.

It’s multi-level capacities outweigh that of many competitors…

Plus they’ll teach you everything on Youtube…

My thoughts on this Elementor theme…

If there were to describe their goal while creating Rife, it could easily be explained as a creative multipurpose powerhouse. And if you want to know how they function and how they look…check out 7 importable demo sites rght away. Just click the image above.

The same developer also offers an Elementor extension plugin with the same name that adds new templates and custom widgets. Plus all this for you…

  1. Companion WordPress plugin that adds more templates and further extends Elementor
  2. WooCommerce compatibility
  3. Mega menu support
  4. Seven free importable demo sites built with Elementor (40 demos available in Pro version)
  5. Detailed style and layout controls in the WordPress Customizer
  6. Creative aesthetic

What others think…

“The clear layout of this theme accommodates many applications. Through its feature-rich options you can use this theme to deliver professional websites that are awe-inspiring”

“I have used both paid and free products from this designer/author and have been fully satisfied with their products!”

“While you can use Rife for any niche, you can definitely see its creative focus evident in the demo sites and templates. For that reason, I think Rife makes an especially good option if you are looking to build a creative site, like a photography portfolio”

Wow, the positivity is overflowing on this one…

Page Builder Framework

Fast? Minimalistic? I got you covered with Page Builder Framework.

My thoughts on this Elementor theme…

As the name suggests, Page Builder Framework is built specifically to pair with WordPress page builder plugins, including Elementor.

The basic idea is that you use Page Builder Framework to control your header, footer, and other non-content areas. Then, you can use Elementor for everything else.

The core features are available in the free theme, and there’s also a premium add-on with more features.

  • Under 50 KB in size, which is still quite lightweight even if it’s not on GeneratePress and Neve’s level
  • Uses the WordPress Customizer for easy tweaking
  • Mobile responsive
  • Multiple navigation menu options
  • Page-level controls to control your page builder canvas
  • WooCommerce and WPML support

What others think…

“No other theme I have tried works that a) fast and b) stable. I had OceanWP, Astra, Hello and many many others. That theme will stay with me for good. AND: I like that it has been developed by a true coding enthusiast who knows what matters when it comes to speed AND reliability

“Page Builder Framework is specifically built to pair with Elementor (and other page builders), so it’s got everything that you need and nothing that you don’t. You can use Elementor to build out your content areas while leaving everything else to Page Builder Framework”

“It’s the same basic approach as a theme like GeneratePress or Astra, though, so your decision should really come down to whether you like Page Builder Framework’s unique cocktail of customization options more than the others”


You have all you need to know, to begin dominating with new themes to use. Now that you know which are best…it’s time to start installing…

Catch you next time!