Good Writers Are Rainmakers

Good Writers Are Rainmakers: Follow Their Steps Here

Writing jobs for winners only…

  1. Higher paying gigs or projects…
  2. Preference over other writers…
  3. Exclusive connections…
  4. Rare opportunities…
  5. Life-changing events…
  6. Economy-proof skills…
  7. Financial security
  8. Hand-picked deals…
  9. More choices…

Do you want to be noticed more?

Furthermore, are you happy to learn how to do so?

Are you ready to offer something worth paying attention to? Be someone who smashes through the glass ceilings and stands above them. Right?

stand above other writers by following in the footprints of the great writers of history

But if you’re making the mistake of not adding these principles to your strategy, it could be the reason you are here today looking to get work and get noticed…Would you agree?

It’s almost as if there is something invisible blocking you from rising in the ranks.

writing can be a pain to get noticed. After all there are 3 million blogs published each day.

Imagine for a moment if this veil was lifted, and you were granted unbarred access to everyone’s attention…

What would that change in your life? How would that affect your dreams?

Because lets be honest, you have probably given the thought of higher paying writing jobs a little attention, clearly because you are here to read the article to teach you how.

How could a high paying writing joj benefit you?

Today, we’re going to discuss how to remove the veil, and how to become a better writer, by standing out among other writers. You can win the race easier…

… if you know to do. As a digital marketer, you need to know the game.

writers win the race when they can see how to accelerate their progress writing

Is that what you were looking for? Now of course it is, because if it wasn’t, you probably wouldn’t be here reading the top tips and tricks to becoming a highly paid writer.

It’s what we’re all looking for. I’m right there with you. We’re all looking to add a little fame to our blog.

Writing The Way You Talk: Higher Results, More Trust

  1. Record yourself speaking.
  2. Transcribe your words.
  3. Practice speaking your copy out loud.

Seriously. You cannot sound like a robot, while creating something highly personable. Right?

Here’s an example, because examples make the complicated simple…

Your payment has been processed. Compared to…

Hello John. I just got the green light on your recent payment. Your on-time payments are always appreciated. If there’s anything else I can do, kindly message my team here.

Is that a fun message to read?Because if it isn’t, it won’t get shared.

writing is supposed to be fun. After all it's no different than talking to someone

Have you ever tried to sound like one of the pro’s? Have you ever tried to be so much like them that you were on the verge of copying them? The thing is, a lot of new emerging writers do this.

They believe that if they copy “what’s already working“, they’ll be highly successful. But what’s wrong with this? After all, “All writing is rewriting” isn’t that right?

But I ask the question, “Where’s the originality?”

Here’s how to keep it simple. You need to promote a better quality message than the competition, but you need to do it, while remaining original.

Now im not saying to recreate the wheel, but in terms of copy and paste…you’ll be better off knowing the principles of good writing, and say them in your own words.

Make it fun, and make them fall in love with your message.

writing requires emotion, so love what you do, and provide the value the readers need.

To write the way you talk, simply speak naturally as if your ideal customer is right in front of you. You can treat them like a friend (conversationally) and connect easier right? This is a simple concept and it should come easier as you practice, because after all, you have been doing it your whole life already.

For example, if you’re speaking to your best friend, you’ll have life in your voice and it will translate into a complete feeling of connection with the reader.

writers make the mistake of thinking that they must be formal in their conversation. writing should feel very personal.

But how can you stop the The White Rhino?


I read this copywriting book last month, and in this book one of the famous copywriters coined this term. White referred to the blank screen, and rhino referred to an unmovable object.

You may know it as writer’s block. Well, you can say goodbye to that.

So to wrap up tip #1, make sure to sound personable, and use the words you normally use. Minus anything considered unprofessional, of course…

Be genuine. And dont try to sound smart, or like someone else. It will be obvious to your reader if you do, because honestly, we’re all very good at skimming through articles and judging them very quickly.

writing is personal, so make them feel it.

Plant The Seed Of Curiosity: Get Them Motivated To Buy With Writing

  1. Make them question something…because questions require answers.
  2. Show them what it’s like…because they dont know they need it…
  3. Compare their options…
  4. Showcase testimonials…
  5. Be clever, and ahead of the game…
writing should inspire people to take actoin.

Let your words create something, like a spark inside their minds, because if it doesn’t it will not be memorable.

Create a new way for them to think about something. Create an experience for them that shows them the message you are trying to convey.

What kind of words are most powerful? They’re called power words. And they carry weight, that they can make readers do almost anything, because the words themselves represent emotions within the reader.

Studies show that these words create powerful responses within your readers brain, because it’s how we are wired up.

writing can be upgraded with power words. studies show.

Smart writers and copywriters use power words to give their content extra punch, personality, and pizzazz. And great writers from Shakespeare to Stephen King to Ernest Hemingway use sensory words evoking sight, sound, touch, taste, and smell to paint strong scenes in the minds of their readers.

Both types of words are effective and super simple to use.

Have you checked out the list of power words yet? Trust me, it’s an experience you need to create for them, so make it an exclusive one.

Refined Writing Work Pays Way More

  1. Reduce the amount of words.
  2. Use more appealing images
  3. Cover current events
  4. Offer more resources
  5. Add video content
  6. Delete 10%
  7. Care more

You do need to refine your work before considering to put in up for sale, right? Go create diamonds, not piles of common carbon…

And you’re not alone. Famous writers adhere to this process of editing all the same. This is what separates the real professionals

Sexy Subheadings? Get Their Attention And Their Money With Something Exciting

Make it similar to the other guy’s page…

Pro tip. Give them something they desperately need, for FREE.

Exclusively custom tailored for them…

New and handcrafted…



With every word you write…(or transcribe)

writing can be boring, so make sure theres a gift in there somewhere.

Most Bloggers tell you that “Most readers do this…”

“Most readers pay X amount of attention…”

See what I did there?

The point is…97% of people are financially unsuccessful. 3% make it far.

Can you climb the fence of failure and be part of it? If you apply what you learn here? Absolutely.

So what are we accomplishing today? We’re raising that 3% a fraction of an inch, by making you successful. We’re using the correct choices to be a part of that 3%.

So if you read this entire article, you will gain something that 97% of people cannot achieve.

The knowledge to put into action, and change your life.

Because if you truly believe you only have 3 seconds to keep a reader’s attention, you would start at their heart. Period.

Let’s face reality for a moment…

We are readers. We are consumers. And we also, skim through content quickly…

It’s our brains way of finding value and solutions.

So when writing sub-headings, make sure they are benefit driven.

Dump 80% Of Your Work Right Away: Craft Your Headline

  1. Clarify the big idea in your own mind.
  2. Remove beginner stress.
  3. Get the hard part out of your way
  4. Build a powerful foundation.
  5. Increase click-throughs.
writing your headline is super important

John Ogilvy said that the headline was 80% of the job. I believe him, because the headline is that short 8-10 words that have to sat so much. Almost completely encompassing the entire summary of your article or big idea.

Kind of like a movie trailer…

Would you drive all the way to the theatre if the trailer was not good?

writing the headline is like crafting the movie trailer.

Smart Blogger’s CEO, Jon Morrow, recommends spending at least 20% of your time on the headline for your content.

That isn’t a typo.

If you spend 10 to 20 hours writing an article, 2 to 4 of those hours should be spent writing and re-writing the headline.

Why so many?

Because if your headline sucks, no one is going to give your content a chance.

In summary…

Headlines are important. Practice writing them. Pick random topics, like I do…to stretch the brains lateral thinking.

Just create without borders, and select any topic. It’s ok to go in blind. It’s great practice.

Avoid Filler Words

  1. Just…
  2. Only
  3. Really
  4. Almost
  5. Seemed
  6. Somehow
  7. Actually
  8. Kind of
  9. Sort of

Think of every sentence like a headline. With the purpose of making the reader continue. Would it be cool if you could do that all the time?

I thought so…

So go through your work and ask yourself this one question.

“Does this sentence still make sense when I remove 2 words?”


“Does removing words increase precision?”


“Will less tell more?”

In addition to removing some words, you can remove entire ideas that don’t work too well. However this is part of the editing process.

Use Humour: Create Endorphins

Let’s remember the humour that Samuel L Jackson brought us with “Stay The F**** At Home” on Jimmy Kimmel virtually via Zoom, because you know social celebrity distancing..

So imagine if you were selling a course for a work at home business, you could use this humour to make light of the situation, while promoting financial security…

Or maybe we could have a laugh about the situation with Justin Trudeau…

Which could make a laugh out of the burden that is wearing maske 24/7, and in turn sell things for breathing better, or being entertained at home.

Just learn to tie things together with humour. Why is this necessary? Because entertainment gets more attention that information alone.

If you don’t entertain while you inform, your audience will find a writer who does.

Get Your Audience To Keep Reading With Transitional Words

  1. Because….
  2. Once you…
  3. In addition…
  4. For example…
  5. Furthermore…
  6. Now of course…

Want to make your contents visibility so attractive that people cannot help but read every word you type?

For example, you have the power to make your writing so irresistible that your readers will have no choice to share it with all their friends and take credit for sharing such amazing information.

In addition to that, you could build such a strong following this way, that eventually it will begin to take off as you develop a loyal fan base.

Now of course it’s not a guarantee that your readers will be helplessly stuck within your words, unable to leave…

Furthermore it’s just one method of effectively communicating a message that is easy to follow and clearly educational and entertaining, because what would you prefer?

Once you learn how to do this, you will have readers waiting on their inboxes day and night to receive your exceptional content.

Want your posts to be so effortless to read people can’t help but absorb every word as they glide down the page?

Make sure to use transitional words and sentences in your copy because if you dont, it may seem that there is nothing to gain from reading your content.

In addition to power words, invoke the element of emotion onto your words, make them feel something that makes them decide to take action.

Can I give you a clue about transitional words? Everything below the last image you saw above, is written in a transitional style. Up to this point, because I love to teach and I love to give examples.

That’s right. Everything from the picture of “It’s time for change” – to right above this very sentence. I wanted to show you this way, because now you re reread it and see how t really works i a live situation.

Know Your Readers Pain

  1. Read their comments.
  2. Address their complaints.
  3. Know what they love about your content.
  4. Know what they feel they are missing
  5. Ask someone you know, who is an ideal reaser.

Do they even like your stuff? Have you noticed what they feel is wrong or offensive? because if you haven’t, it’s kind of like complaining about a food item at a restaurant, and experiencing the same issue twice in a row.

Your audience matters, and if you think selfishly, you’ll lose them.

So, reread this article and begin practicing these concepts to increase growth today

Oh, and make sure to start your Blog, and make sure you implement all the correct and effective SEO strategies of the most successful companies.

In addition to that, if you have any questions or concerns…leave a comment and let me know! If you dont speak up I cannot know what you want to know more about, because I can read pretty well, but I cannot read minds…

Thanks for reading and see you on the next article. However make sure to go over this one again. In addition to this article, check out our other top articles.

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