Your 6 Essential SEO Tools

Your 6 Essential SEO Tools

Your attention please. Because here you will find a valuable list of top performing SEO tools. Each SEO tool has a purpose for you. Once you have learned about top software, and download some free tools… it’ll be easier to get better results.

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Are you ready? Grab a pen, and a notepad…Here we go.

1. Moz Pro SEO Tool

The bottom line? If you’ve been wondering which SEO software sets the bar highest…consider Moz. A lot of people have success with it. Once you have the right software, you can do anything…

Moz Pro

What’s included? Access to the most trusted SEO data. The full arsenal of SEO tools to provide insights and reporting. Don’t forget your personalized walkthrough with an expert, to answer any questions. On top of keyword management tools to keep you updated, because that means higher rank for you. Overall, Moz has thought of it all. In addition to that…

Claim 24/7 online support to assist you with anything, because you may have questions. Access to powerful insights from industry experts in your Q&A. If you need web page optimization, it’s there for you.

They really have gone the extra mile. You see, keyword research determines how relevant your content seems. It’s all included in your free trial. In addition to that, you have rank tracking. By knowing what works, you can make educated decisions, because data driven decisions win.

And here’s a sneaky little trick…It let’s you track your competition too. Is that legal? Awesome. Get insights to help you attract quality, authoritative links, because they offer link research as well. Here’s the Sign Up Page

Moz pPro

The setup and sign in is super easy. You can subscribe with one click. In general, everything related to Moz is user friendly.

Moz pPro SEO tool

Moz Pro has many things going for it. How it complies so many services in one subscription makes it the most complete tool set we reviewed as part of this roundup. It’s metrics have become an industry standard even among marketers that use other tools. Overall, an easy pick for Editors’ Choice.

The Good

  • Moz Pro is a dynamic and powerful SEO tool collection, with almost zero weaknesses. In addition to that…it is highly respected in the industry.
  • It generates industry-standard metrics. It creates handy suggestions for your page optimization. The industry agrees that they have redesigned crawling. It goes the most in depth. So go ahead, and check it out.
Moz pPro SEO tool. Moz Pro metrics example picture.

The Bad

  • User experience is more complex than the competition.
  • Depth and range of features might be overwhelming for anyone completely new to metrics.

It’s nothing short of incredible how the plan begins at only $79 per month, when billed annually. It’s a little but more if you bill monthly. I know you want FREE tools now. Beyond their 30 day free trial. So claim access now.

Ok, what’s next on this list?

2. SpyFu SEO Tool

The bottom line? SpyFu is one of the best known names. It upholds this reputation with a massive feature set, top-grade reporting, while providing rock solid support for you. Check out the rest…

SpyFu SEO tool. SpyFu sign-up page.

Did you say $33? Actually? But it says unlimited projects, Unlimited exports, and unlimited exports…is it on sale? No apparently it’s always this staggeringly affordable.

SEO tool SpyFu. SEO tools included.

Here’s what that’s going to look like for you when you check their plans. That’s quite an impressive package I’m looking at…

SpyFu reviews. SEO tool receives great review.

That’s not a bad set of reviews. It would appears that this software is rated as high as can be. Paul said it helps his design new, trendy ads. What about Charles? He likes the competitive ads data. While Istvan was drawn by the features and affordability.

The Good

  • Take advantage of affordable keyword search and management tools.\
  • View interactive reporting. Deep PPC/CPC and advertising stats.
  • Track your backlinks. ongoing site monitoring.
  • A slick, more intuitive interface. Compared to it’s competition.
  • Oh, and unlimited searches, because who likes limits?

The bad

  • Not web-wide crawling enabled.
  • Advanced Ad metrics can be complicated for beginners. Use their 24 hour support?

Yet SpyFu can go toe-to-toe with leading competitors. It’s almost a no-brainer to pick this one, because it also includes one of the smoothest user interfaces available.

3. SemRush SEO Tool

The bottom line? It probably offers 85% of what the first 2 options have. Perfect for mid-size businesses. And if you operate a small business, it will be overwhelmingly useful. For example, if you just need some Social Media and some content marketing, you will have a lot of support.

SemRush SEO tool

This option is clearly relevant, because they are proving it. Just look at those numbers. Is that 20 million keywords? And I believe the Backlinks reached 38 Billion? Who’s good at math?, because those are big numbers. In addition to these numbers…it packs a loaded toolbox of SEO tools for you. Check it out.

SemRush SEO tool

Competitor Analysis helps you beat the competition. And if you haven’t heard about local SEO…they have you covered. I’m only covering a few perks here, because I could write a whole Blog post on this software, or any other listed here today.

SemRush SEO tool

Website monetization? Sounds like a dream. We can see how SemRush provides a lot of value upfront, because clearly, they want to overwhelm you with features and benefits.

SemRush SEO tool


  • Fully equipped keyword research tool and domain analytics.
  • Backlink tracking. As a result, you know where your traffic is coming from.
  • Desktop/mobile search breakdowns.
  • Project-based SEO campaign structure is uniquely useful.
  • Keyword suggestions. In addition, SEO recommendations.


  • Lacks keyword list management.

SEMrush starts at $99/month. As we can see it is almost bulletproof. Why wouldn’t you pick it? Overall, it seems that it has covered almost every need you could possibly have related to SEO management, because let’s be real…this is packed.

4. Kw Finder SEO Tool

The bottom line? It’s not feature diverse, but it does keyword research very well. And for very reasonable rates. Just need one tool? Choose this as an addition to your writing toolbox today. But there’s hidden resources that you’ll read about soon. In the mean time, here’s what they offer.

KW Finder SEO tool

Herse some advanced keyword featured your going to have access to. In addition they offer free resources on their website.

KW Finder SEO tool
KW Finder SEO tool

But what it does, it does very well and at a fairly good price. That’s why it’s become a go-to keyword research tool for many SEO professionals. And at $29/month? If your thinking price above all, go with this well loaded cheap option.


  • Advanced keyword search. Get more data, easier.
  • Affordability. Undoubtedly, this affects buyer decision.
  • Keyword lists and management
  • Related keyword suggestions. This brings you more in depth.
  • Google SERP-specific keyword tool.
  • Rank tracking tools.


  • Advanced SEO tooling capabilities are limited.

KW Finder has one vert specific job, which it executes very well. Consider it a standalone SEO tool, because it focuses on one task only. And it’s only $29/month. For those laser focused individuals who want to identify the right keywords and search results.

Know what people are searching for. As you can see, less than 10 are available here. That’s not enough information, so get yourself a focused keyword tool today,

SEO tools for keyword research

Don’t try to use this drop down suggestion bar for SEO.

5. AWR Cloud SEO Tool

The bottom line? AWR Cloud offers a solid all-around tool set aimed at small to midsized business digital marketers, especially those new to the game. While it doesn’t have all the depth of the top choices, it’s a good solution for the price.

AWR Cloud

It’s time to take advantage of that free trail. After all, the only risk is not doing it. In addition it’s accessible from any device. Raise your ranking on the go, because now you can.

AWR Cloud

Now before you get shocked by the value that the AWR SEO tool offers, take a moment to consider what this much data could do for your conversions…

AWR Cloud

Have you seen the free resources they offer? It seems all up to date and accessible to anyone. I just confirmed that for you now. So in addition to this, you have maximum support in your SEO journey.


  • Best of breed search rank tracking, but not only that…
  • Backlink and domain data is compatible with Google Analytics.
  • Google Search Console integration for keywords research.
  • Localized ranking results are good for SMBs.
  • In addition, it can closely monitor Google algorithm changes.


  • Finishes just behind SpyFu and Moz Pro, in keyword research and crawling.
  • Customizable reports lack built-in analysis, but you still have so much data.
  • Lacking in native functionality outside of Google integrations.

On its site, Advanced Web Ranking claims to have the world’s most accurate, longest-standing rank tracking tool. In addition, it’s affordable.

For only $49/month? If you operate a small-medium size business, this will be good for you, because saving money is important. If you want to get started quickly and cheaply, accompanied by top features…look no further.

It covers ad hoc keywords search, ongoing position monitoring, and website crawling. It also has some brand recognition features that let it see which sites rank, which are doing well, and which are losing ground. All that and a decently designed interface make AWR Cloud worth a look for any SMB digital marketer.

While it falls behind our other Editors’ Choice winners, Moz Pro and SpyFu, somewhat in terms of feature depth, it garners its own Editors’ Choice mainly for its automated monitoring, which was the best of all the tools we tested.

6. Yoast SEO Tool

You want to excel at writing but don’t know where to start. consider this writing plugin first. Because if you are a beginner writer or a pro, you’ll receive great insights.

It’s compatible with WordPress. Can see those green dots? Those are little intelligent suggestions that the software makes. Writing long sentences? Not staying on topic? You receive a wealth of insights this way. Furthermore, it shows you many other insights, but I’ll only include the most helpful ones.

Want to know if your SEO is good? No problem. It even tells you to make it easier to read, making complicated information accessible to your entire audience. This is powerful, because it can help beginners or pro’s. In addition, it will tell you the top 5 words mentioned in your content.

Make it easier to read? You know right away to change a few words or sentences. This is cool because it can help anyone to write SEO friendly content. It’s called Fletcher reading ease.

The next part is about showing the reader what occurred as a result of something.

In short, passive voice is when the person or thing that undergoes the action or has it’s state changed. For example, in passive voice I would say “The ball was thrown by the pitcher. And for example, in active voice I would say “The pitcher threw the ball”.

Moreover it helps readers understand what has happened as a result of an action. And it makes your reading interesting to read because of it. Speaking of interesting reads have you checked out my SEO guide yet?

Additionally you will be notified if your paragraphs are too long. After all, it’s backed by science and it knows what length is best. It’s called Subheading Distribution. If you want to start writing superior content today, use Yoast SEO.

But what if you don’t have time or patience to teach yourself all of these tools? At RankBrew, we understand, and could assist you with any of your SEO needs, without you having to worry about it.

Take the first step to ranking high today.